“With great power, comes great responsibility” – they said. They were not much wrong, you know! I discussed about my time as the EM (Event Management) head in my last writing. Well in this one, let me take you back to that time. Well, for a little while!

For our club it was a tough semester – summer ’15. Everyone in club finally experienced a roller coaster ride of events after a long time and perhaps, for the first time! It had two outdoor events (first time ever), one to the house of the nation! And it also had the first ever orientation ceremony. This semester gave me, Fuad and Esha; a very good amount of time to work together. It also gave me time to prepare them as my successors. Or should I say heir?


These people if not more than me, worked at least as hard as I did throughout the semester. So I thought to myself that I am going to leave this club someday. I need someone to take the weight of EM after me. I knew which one of them was going to be the one! Well, back to the future now!

Plan of events for next semesterfall ’15 was quite brief. We initially proposed to organize 8 events. Counting interview session and semester ending meeting as not major events, our proposal actually had 6 major events to offer. Could we do all of them? Let’s see!

We started the semester with a little hassle as this time, our prime target was to arrange the fresher’s orientation ceremony in appropriate time, which means at the beginning of the semester. Club Fair happened and of course we participated! Arranged an interview session for the interested people and around 15 people got recruited to the club. Then it was time to arrange some real events! We planned to organize orientation ceremony right after the interview session. We were delayed a bit due to some scheduling problems!


Fresher’s Orientation Ceremony this time was given a special name – UNESCO Youth Assembly! With a new name and new efforts, we organized this event successfully. Venue was smaller than that of the previous semesters’ orientation! But with proper management and high enthusiasm, this event was made highly glossy! This event introduced the UCBU Outstanding Contribution Award and the reason I am talking about this is because I won the first and so far, the only edition of this honor!


Then came the midterms, to make our lives even more pathetic! And we celebrated Eid Al Adha, Durga Puja, Probarona Purnima and other religious festivals that delayed our plans for events to a certain period. After the period, it was one hell of a ride!

We started with Video Display Session on Human Rights, at the lobby of 3rd building of BRAC University. The session continued for 2 days and major challenge of it, was that on the last day – a Thursday, there was a strike. Still we could attract people and let everyone know that we are here! We had 30 videos describing 30 different human rights and one large (around 5 minutes!) video – 31 in total. The videos were provided to us by Youth for Humanity, an organization we are in collaboration with! Not only are they graphically smooth and attractive, but also very short but filled with deep meanings. This event is thus considered successful!

Within a week of this event, we then moved for a trip. It was the event headlined Campaign for Sustainable Education by our club. What did we do? We went to Mirpur’s slum – Duaripara. Visited 2 branches of a school conducted by BRAC to educate poor children from the rural areas. The preparations were made within due time and we started on 10 am from our university campus for the destination. The vehicle support was a bus provided by BRAC University and OCA (Office of Co-Curricular Activities). We had a safe journey and reached destination without any hassle. Since no other higher authority was present on board, I was the leader of the whole tour. I divided our 22 people team as 2 groups. Each group had 11 people in total and a leader each. I chose Fuad as leader of a team and Esha as leader of the other. Being in relationship, it was tough for them to roam to different places and that’s what I wanted! No relationship sticky job to screw a club event. Like a boss!

We were supervised by two of the officials that were chosen by BRAC to support our event. These people took us to the 2 different schools. Group A visited school 1 first and then school 2. And our group B did the opposite. We entered the school greatly amused to be cordially greeted by the children there. These children usually have incomplete education due to the poverty of their family. BRAC not only provides them primary and secondary education for free, they provide them opportunity of scholarship for further education and job opportunity as well. The children were very well mannered and behaved very politely. Although we felt that they were a bit shy to mix up with us because BRAC official and their teacher was there. Oh and these schools are different! How? Each school has students from only one grade. We entered school of grade 4 students first.


A female teacher is appointed as a permanent lecturer for these children. She instructs them the necessary subjects and topics throughout the year. So we can say that the teacher builds quite a bond with her students. We took notebook and pen for each children. When we gifted them the accessories, the smile they had cannot be compared to anything in this world. These children sang songs, recited poems, danced and performed other acts to entertain us.


One of our member was smart to take balloons with him. He gave them all the balloons. And finally these children could behave like children! This event was successful in all the ways for the club.


It was my birthday on the day of the event. Spending the day in such fashion is always great! I had very remarkable birthday celebrations. This was one of them. Oh and the club members later gave me birthday party surprise after we returned. Awesome!

After this event, we had 3 days. Yes! 3 days to prepare for the next event which was the biggest event for our club till date – Session on Education at UK and IELTS preparations. Our partner for this event was British Council. The name itself explains a lot, right?

We somehow managed to pull the best out of us and decorated the venue really well for the event. The venue was auditorium of BRAC University main building. A faculty from Coventry University, UK was sent early by British Council. The session started and within a very short time; came the speakers, volunteers and officials of British Council.


This session included speech from the faculty of Coventry University regarding education at UK and more specifically his university. The speakers of British Council then instructed us about IELTS. It was a highly educative session with so much to learn. British Council was kind enough to give us some goodies. In the end, the photo-shoot and a communication session happened.


Not just because of the name, this event was successful from other perspectives as well. People got much to learn. Audience was pretty high and as far as I remember, the highest ever our club had for any indoor event till date. This event was sample of another successful management of our EM dept. and me as the head of it.

So. Now we know that we could not do the 6 major events as we proposed we would. But we did 4. Well, if we look at the number of proposed and done events, we did not do well. But if we look at the past, this was the first ever semester where we organized more than 3 events. Damn successful this semester was for our club. Me as the head of EM, now had 7 major events done in total. What more was to come? We will know in the next part!


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