P – No! But……but! Y….you cannot be here! How are you even……….

D – What? Alive?

P – Yes! How can you be?

D – It’s complicated!

P – What do you mean it’s complicated! I watched you die, right in front of my eyes.

D – Did you really?

P – Absolutely! There was no life in you.

D – What do you remember of that day, my friend?

P – I was in a bus. Suddenly people started to scream. Something was going on at the front. Driver stopped the bus. People said that someone got run over by the bus or something like that.

D – And what did you do then?

P – What anyone does in such situation! Scolded the supervisor of the bus, joined people in beating him. Of course, the driver ran away a long time ago. So, I, along with other people kept beating the supervisor until he gave us all the money he had! Of course, people were happy about getting money that is not even their own. Who cares about a dead body!

D – But I think you did care about the dead body!

P – Of course I did! I went inside the crowd gathered around the body. And suddenly I was in an awe to see you lying, broken in half. Why would you not be! A bus ran over you!

D – You tried to save me, right?

P – You are talking as if you don’t remember anything of the day!

D – Not much. Always had issues with memory, you know You tried to take me to the hospital, no?

P – I shouted for help. I asked people to help me carry you to the nearest hospital. People insisted on leaving you there, rather. “It’s a police case” – many said. I somehow brought you on a footpath. And then…….

D – You must have called for help. Took a cab or something to take me to a hospital, right?

P – I tried! Believe me, I tried. But no vehicle would want to carry an almost dead guy! So, I did not know what to do.

D – Oh! Now I remember. You then kept swinging like a pendulum! Thinking what to do, probably! No one was helping you. You could not carry a dead weight all by yourself. So, you could call or text someone for help.

P – I was about to……………….

D – But you did not! Suddenly you felt something in your heart. Maybe a little doubt? You came closer to me. Put your fingers near my nose to check whether I was breathing. You must have been so anxious that you could not feel the very quiet exhales.

P – That means you were alive then?!

D – Too very much! I could feel your hand inside my pants’ back pocket. It was the pocket where my wallet was always kept. You took it out. You were so thrilled that you could not hear me mumbling. They were almost no sound at all. But if you listened carefully, you would have heard.

P – I am so sorry, man. I really was so much tensed that……………..I don’t know what came to me when I did this. It was really inhuman.

D – Well. If you ask me, that was probably not as inhuman as your next act.

P – Noooooo!!! You could not possibly……….

D – Could not possibly what? Could not know that you went away and when I thought that all my hopes to live were gone, suddenly I saw you coming back? Or could I not see you take the mobile out of my pocket? I saw it all. You must have been so excited that you could not feel my fingers touching your feet. I wanted to beg you for taking me to a hospital. But you could not feel it. All you did was switching off my mobile phone. Why would you not! If anyone called me and someone received, it would have been a mess. And when you can get expensive things without any work, why would you not take them!

P – I swear man. I don’t know what happened to me out there.

D – I do. You did what any unknown person would do to me. You know what happened to me then? I saw you walking away from me, for one last time. All my hopes for living were walking away from me, with you. My parents, what would they do without me. How would they react knowing this. The woman I love, how would she react. Their faces came in front of me. Then, it was blank. Full void!

P – Look man. I am really sorry. Now that you are back, we can talk about this. Please forgive me…………. Wait! Why can’t I touch your feet?!

D – You cannot touch those who have nothing to be touched!

P – No! You cannot be! You are not human!!! What are you?!

D – I am your sin, mon amor. I am karma.

P – (recites religious spells)

D – You know what religion is? It is karma! And karma does not save you from punishments. What’s that? You want to try that legend of pissing on a spirit to cast it away?

P – It always works. You will not cause me any harm, evil shit! Burn!!!

D – Did you start?

P – How can this not work? How can this fucking not work?!!!

D – I already told you, buddy. Karma. You have to face yours.

P – No! Noooooooooo!!!

No one could hear the boy screaming. Next day’s newspaper headlined – “Mysterious death of a young boy, found torn apart from the middle!”


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