Writer’s Point: Technology. What is that?! I am pretty sure everyone reading this blog started thinking already that they are in for a quiz or something! Believe me, you are not. I am here just to share my personal opinions with you people. Like I always do.

From dawn to dusk, and then from that dusk to the new dawn – in our every moment, we have a friend with us. Technology. Well, we do not have technology to be honest. We have the gifts of it, to be precise. But did technology give us these gifts? It could possibly not! We created technology. So how can our creation gift us something!

Obvious! Gifts of technology are gifts of our own. For ourselves. From converting natural resources into simple tools, from learning how to control fire, from the invention of wheels to speed things up; to the printing press, the telephone and the internet. How far have we come in this journey of technology!

Use of technology is intended to lessen the trouble of long-distance communication, ease up any and all processes that include physical hard work and provide us with tools that can help us do critical and risky tasks. Noticed a thing here? I kept saying, use of technology, which means us using the technology. But what if it is the other way around!

Think about it. I am assuming that most of us have a smart phone. We use it to communicate with friends, family and acquaintances. We play games, we listen to music, we use applications like whatsapp, viber, IMO to chat with people. We use applications like Instagram to share pictures and applications like foursquare to rate places. When one can do all of these things with one single device, why depend on anything else? Exactly!

This dependency of ours extend to some natural, or to say, some day to day processes as well. We can not wake up in the morning by ourselves. Alarm set in our mobile phone helps us with that. We forget to do some important tasks or attend people on their important days in many cases. A reminder in the mobile helps us with that.

Now-a-days, mobile phones are used to open locks of bank vaults in some places as well. You are planning to go for a hangout, mobile can help you with that too. From place reservation to planning things and suggesting your food menus, it can do everything!


Writer himself, lost in his mobile!

I, as a person can vouch that while using my mobile phone – like playing games in it or listening to a music played in it, I absolutely forget everything else. I forget about the time, the situation and sometimes myself as well!

Now, I want you to do something. Ask yourself, do you use your mobile phone? Or does it use you? You will find the answer, I believe.

I hope you have already watched Averngers: Age of Ultron, a hollywood superhero movie of marvel comics. In this movie, the way an artificial intelligence enabled botUltron gains enough intelligence and power to think itself above humanity and so it starts destroying humanity thinking that humanity should be destroyed to be cured of all the flaws in it, might seem just a good movie topic.



But if a mobile device with controllable amount of artificial intelligence can control us, what are the odds that such creation will rule us?


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