The recent animation project of Warner Brothers and DC Comics is the Lego Batman movie. Now I know that it has not been too long since it was released, but hopefully you have watched it by now. If not and you do not want to get spoiled, please leave. If you are proceeding, consider yourself warned!

So last Monday, I was feeling a little too empty. Unemployed, recently graduated and have a lot to learn but almost nothing to do! I decided to watch an animation movie. I went to the web server of our broadband ISP. Found newly released animation movies section. Downloaded the Lego Batman movie and started watching it. Since I started watching it from around 1:30 am local time, I had an intention to skip through some parts. I could not skip through a single second! Let us get deep into some reasons why I had to watch it whole!


I believe some legend said that a movie is as good as its’ dialogues. So true! Even before the movie properly began while DC Comics logo was showed; Batman’s voice says “DC. The house that batman built. Yeah what Superman! Come at me bro! I am your kryptonite!” The introduction to the movie given by Batman was absolutely insane. From computer asking “What’s the password?” and getting reply from Bruce “Iron Man sucks!” to Bruce finally saying to Joker “I hate you”. There was this moment when Joker said to Bruce “You know what! You are right for once! I am not your biggest enemy. Your biggest enemy……… you!” One could easily feel multiple feelings at them same time while each and every dialogue was said. The script was perfect and the execution was awesome.

Batman is SWAG!

Well, he is Batman! He is dark, he is rapper, he is rich, he is handsome, he is brooding and he certainly is swag! Going to a party and giving the cameramen/ journalists there 3 different poses. Bragging about his 9 abs! Denying Joker any importance at all. The dark knight is absolutely on top of swag! Oh and! How can I forget him taking a selfie with an orphan and giving him his iPhone away! That is rich. He even has a tracker known as Great Idea Tracker which shows 5,678,483 in favor of Batman and 0 in favor of everyone else! But come on! He is Batman!



Even after all the heroics he does, all the good he gives, Batman is a one man army. Well that might be good in some cases. But coming back home from saving the city from many horrifying villains; one is expected to celebrate, have party, live life. Our favorite vigilante gets back to batcave. He changes. He heats up the lobsters and eats them. He swims in pool and checks guitar and its’ tuning. He even watches romantic movie in his home theater all on his own. Our favorite hero goes to visit good old boy scout superman and finds out that they are celebrating anniversary of Justice League, without him! Even the group picture was taken by him, not including him. Standing in front of his family photos, you could as easily feel the loneliness our favorite hero lives in.



The arch nemesis of Batman gets heartbroken early in the movie. When the vigilante says that the Joker does not matter, we could feel the words hurting the brutal criminal. Joker then plans to go to phantom zone and bring the worst of the worsts to earth and hurt Batman. Who could not feel the amount of happiness Joker got when worlds’ greatest detective finally said that he hates the Joker! Joker in this movie was a perfect portrait of a long time great arch nemesis of the dark knight.



The orphan Dick Grayson trying to get attention from Bruce Wayne, in the end got himself adopted by the billionaire. Robin in this movie was the perfect example of what an orphan losing his parents would do for his new father. He accepted Bruce Wayne as his father really soon. But when he got another father in Batman, his joy knew no bound. He did not even know what being 110% expendable meant, but got ready to be it for his new father! We could all feel the heart of this character. And the brilliant nod to him wearing the Nightwing costume also hinted us at the most probable future of the first son for our favorite hero!



A butler like this old man is something you never want to mess with. He served Special Forces in the past. He is a father character ready to do anything for his son and grandson. And he will certainly keep his son on the right path even with timeouts! Alfred in this movie perfectly served the father figure our dark knight needed. And how much Batman loves him? Just watch the scene where Alfred was going down from the sky and Bruce was looking down at him. Don’t worry; all is well in the end!



This movie brought a huge set of villains into show like never seen before. First, Joker tries to destroy Gotham city with Harley Queen, Bane, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Penguin, Killer Croc, Two Face and many other longtime nemesis of the dark knight. Notice how a big name – Ra’s Al Ghul is missing? Well in the latest animation movies of Batman, Ra’s is murdered by DeathStroke. Brilliant touch from the directors! In the second attempt, Joker goes to phantom zone. He brings Sauron, King Kong, Godzilla, Medusa and many other famous villains from different movies and myths. What a showdown!


Barbara, even Batman loves!

Well, our dark knight is not famous for his love life. But going to the new commissioner appointment party and finding that Barbara Gordon, daughter of good old pal Jim Gordon is becoming the new commissioner of Gotham city; he instantly fell for the glamorous, bold and brave lady. The lady later on, asked help from our favorite hero. Many things happened between them and in the last moments of the movies, she adapted her identity – Bat Girl! Oh well, if you did not laugh at Barbara catching Batman and later dropping him down being annoyed by his pickup line, you must be cold-hearted.


BATMAN – Best at Teamwork MAN!

Ever see Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram and other social medias to find picture saying “Whenever I work in a group, I know why Batman prefers to work alone!” and see the dark knights’ face there? Well, that is because the worlds’ greatest detective always prefers to work alone. He even does not like interference from any of the justice league members in his city. In this movie, he works with Robin at first. Then he finds Alfred and Barbara helping him. He pushed them away and tried to work alone as usual. But when he finally realized that the pack Joker brought is a little too much for him; he tagged not only the three, but also his enemies whom Joker abandoned previously. Good to see you play well with others!


Batman’s fear

In this movie, we finally got the dark knight saying things we always wanted him to say. He kept denying the claim of him being scared. But we could just as easily feel his fear when he looked at the selfie taken by Robin with Alfred, Barbara and him in the same frame. He then locked the others in his plane and sent them away. But even the plane did not want to leave! When the dark knight could meet this new family again, we finally heard him say “My biggest fear is losing a family, again!” I will not lie; this dialogue simply went through my heart.


A happy ending

Batman movies are not expected to have a happy ending. Well, partially! Many of the Batman movies ended with us wanting something more. Mr. Nolan did a great job with The Dark Knight Rises. But we always want more. This movie gave us that more. Batman finally admitting to Joker that he and Joker is a thing! He convinced Joker to save a tearing down Gotham by saying that as long as it existed, they would be playing it over and over again. Joker helped Batman to save Gotham and Batman accepted not only his new son, but also the new family he got. Well, tears of joy!

Lego movies are always amazing. But what we experience here is something far more than just another Lego movie. Like any other Lego movie, it has perfect amount of sarcasm, great animation quality and a decent script. But in this movie, we have things we always wanted to see Batman do/ feel/ say. They do make this worth watching.


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