CW has brought to us, some very good superhero shows. It’s collaboration with DC Comics has blessed us with shows like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. But all of these, of course would never have been possible without the foundation laid by one show that has brought back peoples’ faith in superhero shows after Smallville. You guessed it right – Arrow!


Since its’ television introduction in October 2012, Arrow has been one of the top shows. Season 1 of Arrow portrays what Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy is doing after his return from Lian Yu – a hellish island after 5 years, to right the wrongs done by his family and more specifically by his father. Season 2 focuses on Oliver becoming a hero from a vigilante by defeating his long time nemesis Deathstroke.

Season 3 sees Oliver take a darker path to justice and hand over the mantle of Ra’s Al Ghul to someone else after all he had to go through to beat the demons’ head! This is where the show started sinking. This is where the show needed something dramatic. But show-runners came up with something a little too unique for Arrow season 4! Magic, fighting magic with magic, attempting and failing in numerous occasions and finally adapting the darker path. Yes! The show disappointed a huge fan base.

After a season that bad, Arrow had to come back with a top class performance in season 5. Did they? Hell yeah! Arrow needed for season 5, one villain who could take away everyone’s attention from everything else. Show-runners came up with something original for the show – Prometheus!


Like Zoom from The Flash season 2, Prometheus is presented as a deadly amount of scary guy who can kill you in seconds. The fighting ability, the mystical voice, the always cautious attitude and the ‘10 step ahead’ game plan from this guy puts Oliver Queen in a deep sea of trouble. What put Ra’s Al Ghul or Damien Darhk, big bad for season 3 and 4 back in the list below this person is their focus more on Star City than that on Oliver Queen.


Prometheus could barely give a damn whether Star City existed or not! His sole focus from the beginning of the season was to destroy Oliver Queen, both mentally and physically. He wanted to show Oliver Queen that everything he touches, dies! And whoever even tried to touch Oliver Queen, he wrote them off totally! Remember the moment Prometheus murdered Tabyus Church, another villain of the season? Insane! This was all with the mask on. With the mask off?

This is where Josh Segarra takes off. Segarra is the actor who portrayed the character. In a fight against the vigilante, where he of course wins, we finally see Prometheus take off his mask! And boy! Is it not the district attorney Adrian Chase?!


With the perfect representation of an intense and seemingly cruel expression in the acting, Josh Segarra in his character – Adrian Chase AKA Prometheus simply became an even better villain without his mask on. Something Teddy Sears, the actor who portrayed Zoom, from Flash season 2 could not do. Adrian Chase meets Oliver Queen in a hospital, with the commissioner lying on a bed injured by Prometheus! In this place when Oliver tries to push off Chase, he takes names of Tommy, Shado and many more. This momentarily stuns our hero. If you watch Arrow, you know what the 2 names mentioned mean for Oliver Queen.

In the next face-off, with the help of his and Oliver’s master Talia Al Ghul, Adrian gets better of Oliver and abducts him. He then forces Oliver to confess the biggest secret Oliver Queen has hidden from even the most beloved people in his life. In perhaps one of the most intense moments of the season, Adrian asks Oliver “You don’t kill because you have to, Oliver. Then why? Why do you do this?” Oliver shouting “Because I wanted to!!! And I liked it!!!!!!!” The amount of ‘!’ signs here can not show how much jaw-dropping a moment it was.

Adrian Chase broke Oliver Queen as the man he is. He shook the belief within Oliver Queen. Then he visited Oliver Queen in his office, offering the mayor a knife to kill him! How maniacal is that! In the meantime, Adrian Chase finally gets caught and exposed by the team arrow and is pursued by 2 of US marshals under whose custody Chase was! What did Chase do? Kill them with the help of a pen! Yes!! With a pen!!! And then take off with a car, song playing in the car and him whistling with it. I vouch; this man just took it to another level.

It took our favorite hero quite some time to regain his motive back. When he finally did and faced Adrian Chase with the green mantle again, Adrian surrendered hearing that his father wanted to disown him. It was shocking that someone like him would surrender so easily. We later on find that Prometheus actually had better plans for Oliver. He abducted Oliver’s son and all the people that mattered to him. Oliver had no option but to let Chase go.

The final showdown between these 2 took place on Lian Yu. Yes, you read it right. The island where Oliver spent a big portion of the ‘5 years spent in hell’ is the place Adrian chose to beat his nemesis. Adrian’s intention till the last moment was to make Oliver kill him! A villain who will never kill you but wants you to kill him is undoubtedly someone you can take as a demon. Oliver gets to know that killing Chase would blow off Lian Yu and kill all the people he loves. He chased Chase. Ironic how it sounded there!

Lian Yu

On a boat, Adrian is beaten badly by Oliver. He then comes to know that Chase has forfeited every escape scope of team arrow. He asks them to leave by a plane that is on the other side of the island as to where the team currently is. Chase brings out William, Oliver’s son, one last trick up his sleeves to shake Oliver. Oliver in a career defining moment shoots Chase, but on his leg. Oliver takes his son away. Chase says “You win Oliver!” We all feel the same. Oliver does not kill Chase, his son is saved, and because of not killing Chase so are his team members. Happy Ending?


No! Adrian Chase can not, just simply can not let you win. He says to Oliver “You two have each other. That is good. Because it is going to be lonely. Without mom and Felicity. . . . . . . .”. Takes out his gun, shoots himself in the head! As much shocking as the fact that Chase killed himself was, his death ensured that at least some and maybe even all the people Oliver cared about are dead along with the island! Yes! This is where the season ended!


As much as anyone would hate a cliffhanger like that, just take a moment to think about it. Adrian Chase said that Oliver had to choose between William, his son and everyone else. Even through his death, Chase made sure that Oliver could not save everyone. How much desperate Chase was to mentally destroy Oliver! Just insane devotion!


A villain with only one intention – to hurt the hero, is always the best kind. We have seen enough proofs with Joker with Batman. Has Prometheus gotten his place up there? For Green Arrow, he certainly has. And where did that lead season 5 of Arrow? Best ever to me!


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