It was like any other day in the school. Noise all around, people running here and there. Some busy with their love lives. Whereas some were busy with study, nerd people! Some were busy on the field, playing football in the perfect weather. I for one was just irritated with the fact that my shoes and bottom part of my pant were covered with water and possibly a little bit of mud! Yeah! It was raining of course!

Suddenly my eyes went a little far to find the girl. Yes! The girl! She was holding her bag over her head to stop the rain falling directly on her head. Brilliant idea? Not really! What I could not understand was the reason as to why she would not use her umbrella! But I must admit, it was heart-breaking to watch her walking on a road full of mud(with high risk of falling!), without any umbrella, caring about the bag on her head more than her balance.

So as she arrived, I immediately asked her the million dollar question“Why do you not carry an umbrella?” She did not hesitate to shoot back! “How long have you been following me?” “Not long. Saw you walking on the muddy road without an umbrella, and with your bag on your head.” “I donated my umbrella to a poor girl yesterday. So I had to come like this.” – her reply really made me feel proud of her!

I then asked her to buy an umbrella soon or borrow one from someone. Her reply was – “Who would lend me such an important thing!” with such a really saddening voice and a big sigh. At least it sounded saddening to me! So I immediately offered her help – “Take my umbrella. I can make do without one.” “Do you like getting wet in the rain?” How could I say no to such a question when it was asked by someone like her with such eagerness to get only a positive answer! But she would not bother waiting for my answer.

“I love getting wet in rain!” – the last thing she could say before going out in the open field to get wet. I could not join her because there were so many of our friends(not really!) around. So I watched her getting wet. I could never know how a person could be happy while getting wet, getting their dress dirty and also increasing the possibility of every bad disease one should try to avoid! But I could see her dancing in the rain, and I knew this must be a heavenly feeling!

Of course teachers intervened people that were having romance with the rain to stop them from getting wet anymore. She came back. I was standing in front of the main door of our classroom. Asked her – “How did it feel?” She obliged by collecting rain-water with her hands and then throwing them to my face! For the first time in life, I did not want to kill someone throwing something on my face!

During the lunch break, I thought of experiencing the thrill to myself. ‘How does it feel to get wet for no reason at all!’ I went out on the field. Rain was, obviously continuous. That is one of the most common things you get in the southern part of our beautiful country for around 7-8 months per year. I got wet. Did not really feel anything special! Then I saw her from the balcony of 1st floor. She was looking down upon me with a curious look. And I was looking at her with the look I had from the first day I saw her. She gave me a smile. Rain felt heavenly!

“Man! I know it is your age to get married. But daydreaming is not good for health!” – a friend brings me back to earth. “Let’s go get wet. It’s the first rain of the year!” – another friend urges. “Nah! You people go get happy. I will stick to the ‘Not getting wet, not getting dirty!’ policy!” “Dude! What is it with you and rain?! Why do you abhor the greatest feeling on earth?!” If only I could answer that!


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